Larry Loewinger Sound Recording

"Sound for Stomp"  Adventures in IMAX Audio,  by Larry Loewinger
Mix and Millimeter Magazines  Feb 1, 2003  12:00 PM

"Testing, Testing: Choosing the Right Radio Mic",  by Larry Loewinger
Independent Magazine  March 2001

"The Fab Formation [of a Media Arts Organization]",  by Larry Loewinger
Independent Magazine

"Sound Suggestions -
How to Get the Best Sound When Shooting Direct to Digital Video"
,  by Larry Loewinger
The Independent,  October 2000

"A Sound Idea: The Rationale Behind the Position of Sound Designer And Why It Never Took Hold",  by Larry Loewinger, C.A.S.
The Independent,  October 1998

"GET REAL" Charlotte Zwerin's Documentary Directions,  by Lawrence Loewinger
The Independent,  July 1990

"Transcending Moments in Brazil" David Byrne's new Documentary takes roots music from Brazil to TV via Nagra and AudioFile,  by Lawrence Loewinger
Post Magazine,  Augus, 1989

Sound "Digital Recording in the Field",  by Lawrence Loewinger
American Cinematographer  June 1986.  Vol. 67, No. 6

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