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AUDIO/SOUND (for additional credits go to links)

30 ROCK, produced by NBC Universal for NBC TV, various directors, various days on, 2006-2007.
KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY, produced by Touchstone Television for ABC TV. Half hour sitcom filmed in HD in studio and on location for airing beginning in January, 2007.
KIDNAPPED, produced by Topanga Productions, various directors and various days on. Summer & Fall, 2006.
SEVENTH HEAVEN, New York filming of west coast television show, Aug. & Sept., directed by Joel Feigenbaum for North Shore Productions, 2006.
BROKEN ENGLISH, directed by Zoe Cassavetes, produced by Andrew Fierberg, Linus Hume, etc. for Vox 3 Films and HD Net, 2006. Screening at Sundance, 2007.
TRAINWRECK, directed by Tod Williams, produced by Anne Carey and Jennifer Roth for Traninwreck, LLC., 2006.
CHAPTER 27, directed by Jarrett Schafer and starring Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan. Produced by PA Fade In Productions, 2006. Screening at Sundance, 2007.
DELIRIOUS, directed by Tom DiCillo and starring Steve Buschemi, Michael Pitt and Alison Luhrman. Produced for PA Delirious Productions, 2006. Screening at Sundance, 2007.
LOVE MONKEY, 2nd unit, CBS Television show, 2006
THE NIGHT LISTENER, directed by Patrick Stettner and starring Robin Williams for Hart Sharp Entertainment, 2005. First days of filming.
THE NAMESAKE, directed by Mira Nair and produced by Lydia Dean Pilchur, 2005. First days of filming.
THIRD WATCH, Warner Bros. TV, days as mixer 1st & 2nd units, 2001-4. Days on various feature films, 2003: Mixing, Playback & Scouting,
CODE BLUE, directed by Nick Hamm & produced by Mark Butan Mike Elliott for Lions Gate Films, starring Robert DeNiro, additional shoot days, 2003.
WINTER SOLSTICE, an independent movie with Anthony LaPaglia and Allison Janney, in production, 2003. (first & last weeks).
AMERICA'S PRINCE, THE JFK Jr. STORY, directed by Eric Laneuville, produced by Jon Maas & Greg Copeland for Echelon Productions and TNT Television, American locations, 2002.
ANALYZE THAT, directed by Harold Ramis for Warner Bros. Extensive 2nd unit work on the film, 2002.
PULSE, A STOMP ODYSSEY, Stomp's Imax film directed by Luke Creswell & Steve McNichols, LA & NYC. Chief Engineer & the facilities provider, Multi-track and simple mono & stereo recording, 2002. See article in Feb., 2003, issue of Mix Magazine.
OCEAN'S ELEVEN, directed by Steven Soderbergh for Weintraub Entertainment & Warner Bros., New Jersey locations-stereo efxs on the Deva, 2001. Days on POOTIE TANG and Abel Ferrara's recent feature, R'XMAS, 2000.
THE DEBTORS, directed by Evi Quaid for BPL Productions, with Michael Caine, Catherine McCormick and Randy Quaid. ( NY Locations), 1998.
PRINCE OF CENTRAL PARK, directed by John Leekley for Somerled Productions, 1998. (Last few days.)
ONE TRUE THING, directed by Carl Franklin for Universal Pictures, 1998. (Last day).
FOR RICHER OR POORER, directed by Brian Spicer for Universal Pictures, 1997. (2nd unit)
ADDICTED TO LOVE, directed by Griffin Dunn for Warner Bros., 1997. (Re-shoot.)
THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, directed by Taylor Hackford for Warner Bros., 1997. (Playback Mixing.)
THE PROPRIETOR, directed by Ismail Merchant for Merchant/Ivory Productions, NY, 1996. (NY locations)
GRACE OF MY HEART, directed by Allison Anders for Universal Pictures, 1996. (NY locations)
JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE, produced by Walt Disney for release in 1997. (Last week of production)
THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES, directed by Barbara Streisand and produced for ColumbiaPictures, for release in late 1996. (2nd unit)
THE FIRST WIVES' CLUB, directed by Hugh Wilson, produced by Scott Rudin for ParamountPictures, 1996. (2nd unit/playback)
COWBOY WAY, second unit. Produced for Universal Pictures, 1994.
FOR LOVE OR MONEY, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. 2nd unit and playback mixing, 1992, released in 1993
THE NIGHT WE NEVER MET, 2nd unit, 1992, released in 1993.
After Schools Specials for Scholastic Productions. Produced by Sister Films & L. A. Bruell, 1990 & 1991. New York locations and re-shoots: NOISES OFF, directed by Peter Bogdanovich for Touchstone Pictures, 1991. SLAVES OF NEW YORK, directed by James Ivory for Merchant/Ivory Prods., 1988. KID GLOVES, directed by David Drury & produced by Joe Wizan for New Century Films, LA, 1987. THE HIGHLANDER, directed by Russell Mulcahy, 1986.
CHILDREN OF TIMES SQUARE, directed by Curtis Hansen, TV movie for Fries Entertainment, 1986.
WAYSIDE SCHOOL: THE NEW KID, directed by Tommy Schlamme & produced by Broadcast Arts for ABC-TV, 1987.
LEMON SKY, play by Lanford Wilson, with Kevin Bacon, Lindsay Crouse and Kyra Sedgewick, directed by Jan Egleson & produced by Marcus Viscidi for Amercian Playhouse, 1988.


ABC Sports
Back Yard Prods.
Believe Media
BJM Enterprises, Jeff Maddoff
Bruce Dowad
Convergence Films
Dolphin Films
Cosmic Pictures
Emerald Films
Epoch Films
Farenheit Films
Fifth Mile Radius
First Artists
Forty Acres & A Mule
Identity Media
Kismet Films
Lopes Prods.
Maysles Films

Mr. Big Films
New England Weather
Park Pictures
Peretti Prods.
Portfolio Artists
Proof Films
Peretti Prods.
Radical Media
Rock Fight
Riverrun Films
Sandwick Films
Sat. Night Live Shooting Stars
Sony Records
Radical Media
Rock Fight
Tag Pictures
Z Creative


When the Levees Broke, directed by Spike Lee and produced by Spike Lee and Sam Pollard for HBO Films, broadcast in 2006.
The Gates: Christo in Central Park, a Maysles film, in production, 1995
Billy Strayhorn, directed by Robert Levi, his production company, in production, 1994-1995.
Harry Belafonte, directed by Jim Brown for the Ginger Group, in production, 1994-1995.
Beyond Our Reality Productions, various EPK projects, 1999-2005
Dogs, The Early Years, directed by Ellen Hovde & Muffy Meyers, for Middlemarch Films, broadcast on Nature/PBS, 2004.
I'm Trying to Break Your Heart, directed by Sam Jones. A film about Jeff Tweedy & Wilco, 2003.
NBC reality show, involving comedians, taped at Carolines' Comedy Club, 3/2003. Multi-mic, muti-channel recording, 2003.
Shooting days on various National Geographic Explorer shows, 2002.
National Geographic, documentary about the inventor, Dean Kamen, in production, 2001.
BBC, a one hour film about the British loss of life in the attack on the
World Trade Center, broadcast, Oct., 2001.
60 Minutes, CBS News, segment about Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," aired in April, 2001
A film about the Young Concert Artists organization. Produced and directed by Josh Aronson for his company. In production, 2001. About the group that promotes the careers of young classical musicians.
Alfred Steiglitz. directed by Perry Miller Adato for the American Masters Series, PBS, aired in April, 2001.
COLLABORATION, directed by Mirra Bank. About the collaboration between Maurice Sendak and the dance company, Pilobolus. The subject is the making of a dance piece inspired by the children's opera composed in the Nazi concentration camp, Terisin. In production, 2000.
MANUEL OCAMPO, directed by Philip Rodriguez and produced by Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. 1998. Filmed in NYC and Madrid and Seville, Spain.
30 YEARS OF ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, produced by Creative Thinking, NY, for ABC Television, to be broadcast in May 1998.
LIBERTY: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, produced by Middlemarch Films, NY in association with KTCA. A multi-part series about the American revolution broadcast on PBS, 1997.
HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL, produced by WGBH/BBC for PBS, 1996.
SHARE THE MUSIC, directed by Alyson Ellwood & Amy Kaufman for Middlemarch Films and produced for Macmillan, 1994 GENERAL
MOTORS, 1993, produced by Steve Talbot and Martin Smith for Frontline, PBS.
THE MET, produced for Muse Film and TV, NY. A series of films on the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for broadcast on PBS, 1994.
THE BIG DRINK, 1993, produced for Yorkshire TV/Discovery.
TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, directed by Merrill Brockway for International Cultural Programing, NY. PBS/American Masters.
BANNED IN THE USA, produced for Channel 4, England, and broadcast on PBS,1993.
NEIL SIMON, directed by Amram Nowak and produced by Amram Nowak & Assocs. for the American Master Series, 1990.
SECRET INTELLIGENCE, produced by Arthur Barron/KCET for PBS, 1989.
"West 57th Street" pieces for CBS News, 1985-1989.
The Infinite Voyage series, pieces produced by Mary Rawson for WQED West, 1988.
NORMAN ROCKWELL: AN AMERICAN PORTRAIT, produced by Mary Rawson for WQED,Pittsburgh, PA, 1987.
ISAAC IN AMERICA, directed by Amram Nowak for Amram & Associates. A documentary about about the writer, Isaac Beshevis Singer,1986. Academy Award, nominee, 1987.
THE VANISHING FAMILY: CRISIS IN BLACK AMERICA, produced by Ruth Streeter, Bill Moyers, correspondent, for CBS News, 1986.


MUSIC FROM THE INSIDE OUT, directed by Danny Anker for Anker Productions. About music, employing members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the orchestra to demonstrate various aspects of music. 2002. To be broadcast in 2005.
SAVION'S NU YORK, an ABC-TV special with Savion Glover and guest muscial artists such as Puff Daddy, Stevie Wonder, etc. Directed by Jim Gable and produced by Ken Ehrlich Productions, Encino CA, 1997. Live music, taps and dialogue recording. Recorded in 32 track digital sound. Supervising mixer and facility provider. Broadcast in January 1998.
STOMP OUT LOUD, the percussion show, produced and directed by Luke Cresswell and Steve MacNicholas, (the shows co-creators), for HBO as a TV special & broadcast in December, 1997. Recorded in 32 track digital sound. Supervising engineer & facility provider. (Nominated for Cinema Society & EMMY awards for best TV special, 1997.)
Various Broadway, Off-Broadway and worshop shows for the video library of the Lincoln Center Library of the Performing Arts, 1992-1997. Recent productions range from STATE FAIR, 1996, and KING DAVID, 1997, to A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT, 2002.
SONGS OF THE CIVIL WAR, 1991. A music show directed by Jim Brown, and produced by Jim Brown and Ken Burns for PBS as their 1991 fund raising special.
ROUTES OF RHYTHM, 1990. A music documentary directed by Les Blank, produced by Howard Dratch & Gene Rosow. Recorded in multi-track, M-S Stereo & mono with the first mobile recording studio ever set up in Cuba. Three one hour shows for PBS broadcast, 1990. ILE AYE, directed by David Byrne, produced by Todo Mundo & Little Magic for PBS, Channel 4, (England), & video disc, (Japan). A music documentary about the Afro Brazilian religion, 1989.
A VISION SHARED, directed by Jim Brown, produced by the Ginger Group for PBS, Show Time & video cassette. A musical tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly sung by Arlo Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Springsteen, Sweet Honey & the Rock, etc., Primary production mixer, 1988
VLADIMIR HOROWITZ: THE LAST ROMANTIC, directed and produced by Maysles Films. A concert documentary about Mr. Horowitz. Supervising engineer. Released for PBS, as a video cassette & as a DGG Compact Disc, 1985. Emmy Award nomination,1986. THE
WEAVERS: WASN'T THAT A TIME, directed and produced by Jim Brown. A theatrical documentary about the Weavers, folksinging musical group, 1981.
FROM MAO TO MOZART: ISAAC STERN IN CHINA, a theatrical documentary produced and directed by Murray Lerner and Allan Miller, 1979. Academy Award, 1980.


Jackie Terrason, Live jazz recording for a music video that was used on a CD, Hart Perry Films, 1996.
Routes of Rhythm, 2 CD set on Afro-Cuban music, recorded on location in Cuba. Multi-track and 2 track stereo. Rounder Records, 1990.
Ile Aiye, Special CD on Brazilian music and Candomble ceremonies, recorded in Brazil, produced by David Byrne. Pioneer Laser Discs., 1989.
Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic, Produced by John Pfeiffer for Deutsche Grammophone, 1985. Concerts produced & recorded for NPR affiliate, WJFF, (Catskills), for broadcast on NPR's "Performance Today" and "American Jazz Radio," 1990-91.


48 track recording truck, Fostex PD-6s, Metacorder recording system, Fostex PD-4s, Mixers, frequency agile, diversity wireless mikes, many regular mikes, playback equipment, accessories, etc. Experienced in dialogue and music recording, time code recording for film and video tape, co-incident & amp; M-S stereo miking, multi-mike and multi-track recording, digital recording. Familiarity with Tascam DA-88/98, DAT recorders, Pro Tools, Sonic Solutions and various audio post envirnoments. Knowledgeable in both production and post-production situations.


Audio Engineering Society and the Cinema Audio Society.


Academy Award documentary films, Emmy Award, recent Cinema Audio Society & Emmy award nominations for STOMP OUT LOUD, the HBO special, PULSE, Stomp's Imax film.

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